A New Breed In Hair Care – The New GHD Rare Styler

Published: 16th July 2009
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It is without any doubt that ghd have revolutionised the hair care world since the development of the pioneering ghd mark 3 styler over 5 years ago, although, since then the familiar name has encouraged and inclined the manufacturers by developing the ghd IV styler that went on to replace the ghd mark 3 styler in 2004. Since then every kind of ghd hair straightener whether it is the pink ghd, puple ghd or the new ghd rare has used the ghd iv styler as its instrumental strength. Every female wants one, and every female needs one, and with the development of the wild ghd rare they have now caught and captivated the audiences of a new breed.

For this release ghd has plunged into the more animalistic side of design by producing a stylish jungle feel to their latest styler. The ghd rare has all the qualities of the ghd iv styler but this time it has a design to thrill. The ghd iv stylers come with a unique leopard print ghd case to keep your straighteners in when they are not being used so if you are travelling to a mates or staying away for the night then you will be the envy of all your friends with this in your hand. If you wanted to you can also go for ultimate protection, ghd have also created a snap shut case to put your leopard print carry case inside. The hard case is well-built so no dents will come of your straightener, plus the gold symbol on the front that reads ghd, really shows off this new limited edition ghd rare to be one of their finest.

For more guides on the new limited edition ghd rare go to Compare GHD for a complete comprehensive breakdown on the stylers technical specification and features.

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