21st Century Men’s Hairstyles

Published: 27th October 2008
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This year has brought men's hair styles and cuts a step further into the current world. Whether you have short, medium or long hair types there is a style that will suit you and keep you in line with the latest changes in fashion.


Perhaps the most notable hairstyle that has made a big impact in recent years is the Mohican, a style that was mainly introduced to the public by football star David Beckham in early 2000. This particular style is a high maintenance one and takes some time to get the desired look. You will need a quality strength hair product such as a wax to keep the style in perfect condition during the day. Many people also like the notion of a Mohican on the back of the head which is created in the same way as the one on the top of your head but takes just a few minutes to construct.


This type of hairstyle has been a style used for a very long time and in its time has been customised and changed. In today's society the spiky look is known as the "untidy" or "bed head" look and is very low maintenance. Generally all hair products on the market can achieve this look and it takes a lot less time than you would think. Additionally you can alternate the style every time you style your hair.

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is one of the oldest hairstyles in the book and is used a lot in the armed forces. It was initially used by the United States Army in World War II and became a civilian cut in the 1950's. It is a style that is graded short at the sides and back with the top being comparatively short, and has been stamped in fashion for the last 70 years.


This style is ideal for men with either medium length or long length hair types. The potential is never-ending with this style and many types of hair products can be used to get a crazy, extreme and audacious look. You can decide to have your hair straight by using a straightening iron like the GHD hair straighteners or you can build volume and texture into your general look.

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